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Angela DeCarli - Monday 08 June 2015 - Pembroke NH
I had actually emailed Adam the other day and was intrigued by the last part of his email...beaverbrookroad.net, so I googled it and stumbled across this site. Beautiful photograpy. It looks like I place I may need to come visit to see how truly beautiful it is in person. Have a great day!
alan jalbert - Thursday 20 January 2011 - caribou
you told me about it you putz :)
Charlotte - Wednesday 24 March 2010 - Washburn, ME
We travel the BB Road to see wildlife and just to go for a ride. Of course we don't always see wildlife, but we check the road out regularly just in case!
Parker Sutherland - Wednesday 24 March 2010 - Northboro,mass
It's a beautiful ride plus a great shortcut to Caribou from Portage,,,,,
Timothy Blackstone - Wednesday 24 March 2010 - Chesapeake Va
I grew up in the county and have driven this road many times and used to fish as a kid at Beaver Brook with my dad who is from perham. Glad to see the site
Fancy - Wednesday 24 March 2010 - NH
Always interested in new Maine websites. Someone on another site provided a link to this one. So I will poke around for a few minutes. Thx.
Marilyn Rivers - Wednesday 24 March 2010 - Colchester, Vermont
Found your site through a member of the Crown of Maine website. I was born and raised in Presque Isle, Maine and usually come HOME at least once a year. Will plan on coming to Beaver Brook Road and hope to see some wild life also. Its nice that you keep the road open for the community to use.
Upali, Manel, Charm, Chaya, Chathu Karunasiri - Tuesday 13 October 2009 - Caribou, Maine

We came to Caribou, from Sri Lanka (an island near India). Mom (Manel or Dr. K) works at the Cary Medical Center here in Caribou.

Sometimes we take evening rides to see the country side. We want drive through BBR (to Ashland), a route available for us to travel thanks to your kindness.

Google search of BBR gave us this site.

Thank you.

Mary Murphy - Thursday 21 May 2009 - Salisbury, MD
I really like your style of painting. I have always painted in oils, but I have a creative style, also, and am trying to develop it. I'm thinking of taking your next workshop beginning in June, We'll see. Anyway, I want to keep in touch with your work and you.
Rebecka - Monday 20 April 2009 - Northwest Ohio by Lake Erie
Your landscape photos are beautiful. Interesting website.
Kristen - Friday 13 March 2009 - Rockville, MD
very, very nice... thanks for sharing.
Megan - Sunday 08 March 2009 - Fairfield, ME
The website looks awesome! Your art is impressive. Keep up the great work!
dewey dow - Thursday 05 March 2009 - meriden ct
A good friend from "The County" sent your web address so we could view and appreciate your nice images. Since I was raised near Perham and Portage Lake, it's like a trip back home to view your photos. Many thanks for making this possible.
Marla Longley - Thursday 05 March 2009 - Presque Isle
I loved the colorful pictures and close up pictures are great. Thank you for giving me your website address.
cherri - Sunday 01 February 2009
love your art and I shall follow you, closely as you post new pieces.
Ali - Friday 06 June 2008 - Sebago, Maine
Love the new pictures! You've done a great job with this site, keep up the great work!!
Pam - Saturday 31 May 2008 - Maine
Nice pictures. Love looking at them. Thanks for sharing.
Summer Grass - Sunday 20 April 2008 - Standish, ME
You guys did great with this site. I miss home so much, its good go see these pics and remember the good times we've all had up in that neck of the woods. Hell... I think one of the first times I ever drove was on this road. Lots of memories. Keep up the good work, and the pictures are awesome.
Jon Cole - Monday 14 April 2008 - Portland, Maine
If you would have told me that 14 years after graduating from Washburn High school that I could log on to beaverbrookroad.net I would have laughed but I must say it's great to see the internet has finally reached places I never thought it would! Great site! Thanks Tim!

QueenB "Dawn" - Monday 14 April 2008 - Canada
Great photography! Very inspiring I have to say!
Ali - Friday 29 February 2008 - Sebago/Washburn
I love the snake! and I love the pic in front of the fire! I miss hanging out down the BBR.
Heidi Goodine - Thursday 10 January 2008 - Austin, Texas
Hey there...i miss home so much and it is so nice to see these beautiful pictures...they take me back...good work!
Mark Hester - Tuesday 30 October 2007 - Washburn, ME
great site. I didn't know existed. Thanks to Kyle for referral...
Molly - Sunday 14 October 2007 - Mapleton, ME
the Beaver Brook Road is awesome! the pictures posted up there are only a fraction of the amazing scenes that the BBR really has!
Kristin - Tuesday 09 October 2007 - Maine
These pictures are amazing! Great website. Looks like a really cool place... wish I could get there before fall is over.
irene - Friday 28 September 2007 - england
hi i love this site how did you set the painting gallery up thanks irene
Sherri - Monday 10 September 2007 - Northern Maine
Awesome website! I love living in Northern Maine and you have captured the main reason why. Mother Nature...she's a genius.

Sounds like you have wonderful and memorable times on BBR. I can relate.

Thanks for telling me about your website.
Sara - Monday 10 September 2007 - Rome, GA
What a magnificently designed website! I must refer this website to the Center for Website Excellency. The designer must be a fantastically advanced being of complete genius capabilities. Kudos to you web designer- kudos to you.
Dan - Tuesday 14 August 2007 - Berlin Massachusetts
great site
Dee - Tuesday 17 April 2007 - Caribou
Gonna do some fishing this summer.....hehe.
john - Saturday 10 February 2007 - parsonsfield, me
viewing form the southern end of the state, found you by way of tim gagnon's paintings on ebay. sweet
Chelsea Fitzherbert - Monday 29 January 2007 - Washburn, ME
I love the Beaver Brook Road! Its not only a short cut to Portage, it's a beautiful place to just stop on the side of the road and take in some fresh air. I first learned to drive on Beaver Brook and go back alot in the summer to have picnics or hopefully see some wildlife!
James Mattila - Monday 01 January 2007 - Caribou, ME
I agree with the obsession of this place. The BBR has brought many an adventure.
jane. - Monday 06 November 2006
Hope you have lots and lots of warm clothes and firewood when you visit the woods now that the snow has appeared.

the beaver brook road